The small town of Beaconsfield is slowly turning into a food hub, with exciting restaurants and cafes continuing to open and thrive. So what better place to open a burger bar than Beaconsfield. Located next to the Beaconsfield Central Hotel, just a burgers throw away from Berwick.

We offer a reclaimed and recycled oasis for everyone to enjoy our Sneaky Cheese burgers.

Embracing our fantastic local businesses enables us to have quality burger patties from our local butcher and fresh produce from our growers and shops. With extensive research (eating lots of burgers) we have come up with a winning formula: from the mouth watering beef pattie down to the Sneaky Cheese sauce and the cheese that coats your mouth with every bite.

Sneaky Cheese has a bus stop located at the front door step and the train station with in 800m walk (10 min). We want people to arrive and feel like they have been transported to burger heaven.